Andy Brown can transform and change your Sales and your Life as he has helped thousands of others. He has been studying the human mind and its subconscious decision-making interpretations, processes, and filters for 30 years.

Andy is the creator and developer of NLS™; Neuro-Linguistic Sublimatics™, the new Science of how Words, Phrases, Conversation, and Body Language influence Relationships and Selling. Andy is a certified NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner, a certified Master Hypnotist, a certified Master Life Coach and has studied Persuasion, Influence, and Subconscious Programming for 30 years.


twenty plus years
teaching students to succeed

As an Educator, Andy developed the PASS F.A.S.T.™ System and Technology for Students that helps Adults pass state multiple-choice based license tests faster and more easily and for Instructors to help them more effectively teach these same Adults. He also is one of less than 50 Instructors in the country certified as “Gold Standard” by the Real Estate Educators Association and is a candidate for the “Distinguished Real Estate Instructor” designation. He regularly teaches other Educators around the country how to be a better, more engaging, and more effective.

"Andy Helped Me Learn The Fundamentals of Selling. He helped propel my career!"


Andy is known for
his humorous, his
fun and engaging style

Andy is considered to be a captivating Master Storyteller. He also holds the “Distinguished Toastmaster” designation in Toastmasters International. Andy can transform your sales and your sales teams. Whether you would like to become a certified NLP Practitioner, improve and increase your Sales and Relationships with NLS™, or you are interested in our PASS F.A.S.T.™ Instructor Development Workshops, Andy Brown and Power Training Concepts are there for you.