Instructor Development


The action of engaging, the state of emotional involvement or commitment. Engagement is being in a state of emotion. Engagement as an Instructor is Salesmanship. Learn concepts and techniques that will keep your students engaged, present, and learning!

Active Learning:

Active learning is utilizing instructional method that engage the students in the learning process. Active learning is Discovery, Processing, and Applying. Learn creative new ways to keep your students minds awake!

Story Telling Mastery:

Stories connect us and build rapport. The human mind remembers stories better than facts and details. Learn how to create stories for your classes that will enhance your students’ experiences and help them to remember your lessons.

Power Series Workshops

Power Salesmanship

Put your Salesmanship on Overdrive. Most people in Sales cannot get out of their own way. This is because they do not understand the ‘Sales’ process and are driven by insecurity. Understanding the proper flow of the Sales Conversation is essential. Using the basics of NLP, Persuasion, Influence, and Subliminal Hypnosis techniques, you can learn how to turn this around.

Power Communication

Too many Salespeople ‘oversell’. They do not know when to quit. They go into ‘Solution Mode’ too fast and too often. What do people really want? And how can you give it to them? Using the basics of NLP, Persuasion, Influence, and Subliminal Hypnosis techniques, you can learn how to create lifelong customers and referral partners.

"Andy Is An Amazing Teacher!"

Neuro-Linguistics Programming

3-Day Neuro-Linguistics Programming Certification

Welcome to the world of NLP, Neuro-Linguistics Programming. NLP is the systematic study of human performance and improvement. It is the Art and Science of we respond to words, phrases, input, and the sensory stimuli. NLP is a subjective experience. By incorporating NLP, behaviors and actions can be changed, modified, improved, or removed.

3-Day Neuro-Lingustics Programming Master Practitioner Certification

This is the next step for serious NLP Practitioners and Enthusiasts. In this workshop, we focus on advanced NLP techniques, including hypnosis and subconscious persuasion.

2-Day Fast Track Neuro-Linguistic Sublimatics Mastery

This 2-Day Fast Track is geared for the ‘on-the-street’ Practitioner who desires a deeper understanding and mastery of word usage, embedded commands, and subconscious programming to enhance their sales and their relationships.